At Peter Feeney our clients are at the center of all that we create. Our Bespoke service is for the man or woman that has a vision for their footwear. It is an intimate experience between master shoemaker Peter and the client.



During a process of 10- 12 weeks our clients will step in to the Peter Feeney Bespoke atelier for a life changing experience. We start with the tracing and measuring of the foot. Once the last shape and style is decided on, our master patternmaker develops the pattern and so starts the fitting process which is normally done 3-6 weeks after the measuring.


A choice of leather is then made. We work with only the finest tanneries that are all not only of the highest quality of leather but are also registered with the government of Canada. A range of classic options are cow hide, horse front, suede, deer, box calf. and our favourite Cordovan. Some exotic options are Alligator, Sting-ray, Ostrich, Crocodile, and Python. 



Through a laborious process of up to 40 hours of manual work, the shoes are developed using old world techniques that can only be done through well trained hands. Mounting the uppers, hand sewing and welting the exterior  makes the shoe start to take shape.


Applying polish and wax is a delicate and necessary part of the process, like breathing life in to the shoe this process can take up to 5 hours to bring out the beauty of the leather and all the style lines of the shoe. For those clients who love the art of Patina we also offer this service at an additional cost, in which case colour options are endless. A beautiful Patina offers an elevated level of uniqueness and style.

Delivery Box.jpg


All Peter Feeney Bespoke Shoes are hand delivered  in a beautiful pine box with the clients information, article # and last engraved. With a complimentary starter shoe care kit.


In the BESPOKE tradition, once you are a client at Peter Feeney Bespoke you are a client for life, which is why we offer fit adjustments, and repairs free of charge. We also run complimentary shoe care sessions for existing clients, to always ensure that your footwear is cared for and looking it’s best.


Some styles that have been developed in the Bespoke category